Units for Special Events

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Special events have their own unique requirements when it comes to portable restrooms. Johnny On The Spot has you covered with units for any situation.

We provide large numbers of units to prestigious events like The Atlanta Steeplechase, The Bellsouth Golf Classic, and the Peachtree Road Race.

Our trailer units are popular additions for all outdoor functions including weddings and parties, parks and family gatherings, and for customers who do not have regular access to facilities. Their extensive features make them ideal for emergency use during disasters and any situation where full feature units are needed.

Call us toll-free and we can help you find the best unit for your needs.


Porta-Potty Single
with seat and urinal.
Handicap Unit
A regular single unit enlarged to accomodate a wheelchair.
Flush Unit
A single unit with foot pump sink and light.
The President | The Vice President
Exec. Vice President
Executive ADA + 2
The President 18
Executive ADA
Shower - 8 Head
Shower + - 3 Head Combo