Units For Construction

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Construction sites need clean restrooms delivered and serviced on schedule. Johnny On The Spot has the type of unit you need, so your workforce can concentrate on completing construction projects on time. You can depend on our service, whether your needs are a single unit for residential homebuilding or units equipped with hooks and wheels for large high-rise construction projects.

Call us toll-free and we can help you find the best unit for your needs.

Regular Portable Restroom Unit
Single style, with seat and urinal.
Mobile Unit
A portable unit attached on a trailer allowing customer to transport to remote locations such as power line and highway construction sites.
High Rise Unit
Regular portable restroom unit with a metal bracket so it can be lifted by crane.
Handicapped Unit
A regular unit enlarged to accomodate a wheelchair.
Half John
Half is a sit-down unit and half is a urinal. This is a topless unit with walls 4 ft. high that sits on casters. Designed to fit in elevators, for use in high-rise construction.
Hand Wash Station
A self-contained sink with water provided by a foot pump.
Holding Tank
A temporary above-ground septic tank for construction and office trailers.
Drip Pan
One-piece vacuum molded plastic pan designed so unit can be placed within and washdown water contained.